2016 Nursing Graduates!

What's better than shooting a beautiful, successful nursing graduate? Shooting five of them of course! These girls have such a sweet friendship and have come a long way to graduate with their degrees! I loved having the chance to capture their bright personalities along with the pride and accomplishment that comes with graduating. They are truly off to change the world and save lives! Congratulations ladies!

(Also, how awesome are their graduation caps??) 


Headshots With Ashley

Meet Ashley, a New York City actress and Oakland University alumni! She was able to catch me while she was visiting briefly in Michigan and it was totally worth it. We had some crazy hair-flipping winds and bright sunlight, but she endured with a smile.  The end result says it all; take a look! 

Headshots With Gabe

I'm very excited to share some of my favorite headshots from a fantastic portrait shoot! Meet Gabe, a soon to be Senior at Oakland University and a talented actor. He really brought depth and character to every image which allowed us to create some amazing results! Check it out! 


Jacob's Senior Pictures

It's Senior Season!! So glad to start this summer off with Jacob who I have had the pleasure of being friends with for years. After graduation, Jacob will be heading to Michigan State University. This young man is definitely going places! 


Headshots With Lily

Everyone, meet Lily - an aspiring actor from Oakland University! I love working with actors because they intuitively know their best expressions. In our short time together we were able to capture so many different sides of Lily's personality. I can't wait to see where the future takes her! 

Headshots With Emmy

There was something about this shoot that I couldn't pull myself away from. Granted, it had a lot to do with the bright colors and Emmy's vibrant personality! But most of all, I love the feeling that every time I pick up my camera, the results are always just a bit better than last time. 

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Winter Shoot With Joy

Over winter break I was so lucky to get the chance to shoot my close friend and fellow photographer, Joy! We collaborated to get some seriously amazing shots; I love this set! She even made me get in front of the camera, but you'll have to ask her if you want to see those. 

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Autumn Shoot With Mallory

As one of my best friends, Mallory has believed in me since way back in my point-and-shoot days.  She's honestly a natural in front of the camera and so much fun to work with! Check out these portraits in the magical fall colors!! 

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My Family!

It's not often that I get in front of my own camera, especially with my whole family! Getting the family together a few weeks ago was the perfect excuse to take some family portraits. I love how they turned out, and how great they look as my desktop and phone backgrounds! (Also, how great are fall leaves for perfect backgrounds??)

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